Monday, January 28, 2013

Logitech Z-2300 Computer Speakers Control Pod Bypass Cable With Volume Control

Have a set of Logitech Z-2300 Speakers with missing control pod or a broken one?

Well, here is a solution you can make use of that set of speakers. Now this Logitech Z-2300 Control Pod Bypass Cable is available for purchase on eBay

(BTW, if you do want a more affordable control pod, you can check out this new version Logitech z-2300 new control pod black version)


Logitechz-2300bypassnew1.jpg Logitech z-2300 Bypass Cable

Logitechz-2300bypassnew.jpg Logitech z-2300 Bypass Cable

Product Details:

  • This cable can turn on your z-2300 speakers and make it work without your original control pod. Simply plug and play!
  • This is a custom-made 10 feet cable with high-quality shielded TPE materials (same material used on Apple products) to prevent unwanted EFI/RFI and achieve better sound quality.

  • It has a HD15 connector and a 3.5mm minijack, which allow you to connect your Logitech Z-2300 speakers to your audio source such as a smart phone, an MP3 player, a computer, without a control pod. The 3.5mm minijack is the same as any regular ear phone jack and it is compatible with most devices.

  • It has an integrated volume control. The volume control can turn the volume up and down. It does not have a power switch to turn off your subwoofer but you can always turn the volume dial to minimum if you don't want to hear anything from the speakers. (If you want a replacement control pod with power switch and all functions, you might be interest in the new version Logitech z-2300 new control pod black version)

  • The volume dial controls the overall volume (both speakers and the subwoofer). There's no separate bass level control. The bass/speaker volume ratio stays fixed. (Personally speaking, I feel pretty comfortable with the bass level.) (If you want a replacement control pod with separate bass control, you might be interest in the new version Logitech z-2300 new control pod black version)

  • All satellite speakers as well as the subwoofer will work when using this cable.

The following are some possible setups

Connecting your computer to your speakers


Connecting your MP3 device to your speakersPhotobucket

See how this product work on Youtube posted by a user:

To Purchase this bypass cable from eBay, click this link: Logitech Z-2300 Control Pod Bypass Cable 

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